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Justin Long // ExpressionEngine Expert

About Justin Long

Hello! I am Justin Long and welcome to! My blog is not only helpful for web developers but also anyone who wants to create their own website. I focus on creating powerful sites that will help you increase your bottom line but are still able to be updated and maintained effortlessly.

I develop using ExpressionEngine (EE) and CodeIgniter (CI). EE gives me the flexibility I need to develop a site that will fit your specific needs. I also use CI along with EE to help expand the power of EE to provide powerful web applications. While developing sites I will utilize technologies such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, AJAX and JSON. I focus on offering great documentation that includes written & audio/visual demonstrations to help you better maintain your sites.

I am an active member of the EE community and my involvement can be seen on the following sites:

Outside of work I am an all around fun guy! When I’m not working I love to cook, drive VW cars and play with Apple Computers. I frequent the local art movie theater and spend hours listening to Pandora radio. I also have 2 adorable chinchillas (SweetPea & Pepper) and a retired racing Greyhound (Squid)!

On the Web

If you can't get enough of me here you can check me out at any of the social networks I use...