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My Version of Building a Tumblr Blog Part 2

Written by: Justin Long | On: January 7, 2011

**This is Part 2 in the series so if you have not read Part 1 do that now.**

If you remember in the last tutorial we created our Channel, Channel Fields, Templates and Snippets. We can now go to the publish page and publish new content, the only problem is that all of the fields that we created are listed one after another. This is counterintuitive to the Tumblr style blog that we are trying to achieve. Luckily for us ExpressionEngine 2 has a built in feature called Publish Layouts that we can use to our advantage. Publish Layouts allow us to customize the Publish page for users, they can be the same for all users or you can create different Publish Layouts based upon Member Groups.

So lets get started, the first time that you goto publish a new entry in the blog channel you will see all of the fields displayed. Now if you were to click on the “Show Toolbar” in the upper right corner a toolbar would slide open showing all of the fields associated with our Channel. Lets start off by deleting all of the tabs that are enabled by default, after we have done that lets create 7 new tabs “General”, “Journal Entry”, “Journal Link”, “Journal Photo”, “Journal Quote”, “Journal Video”, “Journal File”. You Publish page should now have 7 tabs that are blank.
We can now drag fields from the right toolbar on to the correct tabs to create our publish tabs. Here is how I have laid out my tabs.
General Tab

Journal Entry Tab

Journal Link Tab

Journal Photo Tab

Journal Quote Tab

Journal Video Tab

Journal File Tab

By default each of your fields will stretch the entire width of the screen, to change this though you simply need to move your mouse to the lower right hand corner of your fields. You can notice that the mouse pointer changes to an arrow. If you click and drag you will be able to resize each field. After you have your publish tabs laid out the way you like, go to the toolbar on the right and select the member groups that you would like to see this Publish Layout (in my case I selected Super Admins). You then need to click the “Save Layout” button to make sure that you do not lose any of your changes. After that you can close the toolbar and you are now set to Publish content to your newly created Tumblr styled blog.

If you have any questions or comments about the code or content of this tutorial please post them below.

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