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Justin Long // ExpressionEngine Expert

My Philosophy

Since I started 5 years ago, I have worked with many people in business both as a client and a contractor. Over the years, I have developed relationships with my clients and there are certain attributes I want to be remembered by:
- Communication is key for a project to run smoothly. Whether this be via email or Skype chat I strive to provide the clearest answers to your questions.
- Communication allows for you to know what is going on with your project and it allows me to meet the deadlines of your project.
- I continually practice a straight forward approach to business. Whenever I do business, I follow through and will always provide you with the services I agreed to complete.
- For every site I build I offer extensive documentation and training. For many people, publishing to the web is something new and scary experience. However, it doesn't need to be. I will provide you with all the tools you need to make it as pain-free as possible.

My Workflow

For any project to run smoothly, it is key to have a system in place that allows for communication, accountability, and track-ability. I use BaseCamp with all my clients to keep all of the information in a centralized location. When we need to chat I use Campfire, an online multi-person chat room that allows easy referencing of anything we may discuss. With everything going back to great communication being the key to a stress free product, I have flexible hours for when you need to chat.

What to Expect When We Work Together

Before I start any project we need to sit down together and chat. I will take time to talk with you and find out your specific needs and wants for the project. If you need a site designed I will contact a rock solid designer that I have worked with on many project before. He will get your ideas on paper and we can move on to coming up with an action plan for your project. After we have a clear direction for your site we will agree upon a budget and project deadlines. Once this is completed I will begin working on the project.

How long does the process take?

This question can only be answered on a case by case situation. I would say a good starting point for a small-sized website should be about four-eight weeks. There are many factors that go into the overall time it takes to get a project up and running. However, I will do my best to provide the quickest turn-around-time possible.

How much is this going to cost me?

This will also be determined by each individual situation. It takes time to complete each project and this question cannot be answered without looking at your individual project in detail. Most sites I do have an average starting point of $4,000. As the complexity of the project increases, so does the price. Please contact me and I can get you a quote to match your project.

My Clients

- Studios & Agencies: If you have the need for someone to provide full development or someone to be a part of your team for the long run or short term, I am able to help.
- Other ExpressionEngine Developers: Whether it be for an add-on that you are not comfortable with, or an entire project you don't have time for, I am able to mold to your specific needs. I have experience with all the latest add-ons and have built numerous EE sites with e-commerce, member area, polls, and multi-language requirements.
- Small to Medium Businesses: You are my bread & butter. I take the time to get to know your needs and create a custom solution to match your budget and your business.

ExpressionEngine Development

Content Management made simple.

ExpressionEngine is my content management system of choice, I have been using it for 5 years and have never not been amazed at the flexibility that it allows me.

Why Use ExpressionEngine

  • Security: ExpressionEngine has a proven track record of being secure with frequent bug & security releases. There has never been a wide scale hacking of EE instillations. All user accounts are secured by 160 Bit SHA1 Password Encryption (the most secure method used on the web).
  • Support: ExpressionEngine is not an Open Source application. Therefor, they have a dedicated team of developers and support staff to assist in the event of anything going wrong. Support is included in the license and only cost a little bit ($49.99) to renew each year. Where as WordPress (most talked about Open Source CMS) has an annual support cost of $15k.
  • Your Design: ExpressionEngine makes no assumptions of your design and content. This key feature allows me to integrate any design into your site easily.
  • Your Content: ExpressionEngine allows you to have multiple content distribution channels so you can publish to your blog or you can publish to your about page. Each content channel allows for multiple unique content containers so you will not need to learn any special tags when you publish new content. Another key feature is that your content is stored separately from your design you are able to reuse content with out having to retype it for each area.
  • Updating your Content: Building on the fact that content is stored separately from your design, this gives you the power to update your site's content without having to call me. To publish new content simply login to the Control Panel, select the appropriate channel and enter your new content. After you save the new content will reflect on your live site. It couldn't be easier.
  • Strong Community: ExpressionEngine has a vibrant community of Users & Developers. Many 3rd-Party developers have created successful businesses by creating add-ons to add to ExpressionEngine's already impressive set of core features. Also in the event that are working relationship does not work out, you are not stuck on a platform without options.

If you are interested in a quote you can contact me with a few additional details.


When you need an expert's opinion.

Why Hire a Consultant

  • Choosing the right platform for your needs: Your website is a major part of your business, before you launch it is important for longterm success of your site that you choose the right platform to build your site on. ExpressionEngine is my CMS of choice for most projects but it is not right for every project. I can sit down with you and go over your needs and help you choose the best system possible for your new site now and in the future.
  • ExpressionEngine Training: If you have your own development team and just need a little hand holding as you get started. If you have a client site but don't have time or feel comfortable training the client on the ins and outs of ExpressionEngine. I can custom taylor a solution to ease the burdens of development and training.
  • Answers to your questions: Building a site yourself and run into a few snags? Sure you could post in the forums but sometimes you don't have the time to wait for replies. I provide answers and solutions to your problems now and on your time.
  • Uncomfortable Building new functionality: ExpressionEngines flexibility allows for thousands of site configurations and uses. I can help you implement any sections of a site that you might be uncomfortable with. I have taken the time to learn all of the latest 3rd-party add-ons out there and can help you implement e-commerce, membership areas, multi-language sites and much more.

Contact me with the details of your project today.


Low maintenance, high returns.

Do you have an existing website and are now wanting to add an online store? Or are you looking for a complete site build including an e-commerce aspect? No matter what your situation I am able to help with your e-commerce build. I have worked with many of the latest e-commerce solutions out there (FoxyCart, CartThrob, Membrr, Shopify, & Magento) and can match the best technology to your project. If the prebuilt solutions don't fit your needs I can also build a completely custom solution to work with your business.

Key Store Features

  • PCI Compliance: Is one of the biggest things you need to worry about for any e-commerce solution. Not taking this serious can cost you a ton of money down the road. All e-commerce solutions that I provide are PCI Compliant and provide the latest security measures for your customers data.
  • Part of your Site: Sometimes your e-commerce system is different then the system that powers your site but your users don't need to know that. This means that your users will have a single sign on and be able to manage their account from one location.
  • You can Maintain Every e-commerce solution that I create allows for you to easily maintain/add products, change prices, and track inventory. You don't need to call anyone when you want to add anew product.
  • Analytics Your users don't always complete their sales, but with built in tracking we can monitor where you are loosing customers and fix whatever is the cause of lost sales. You are able to track your customers from start to finish.
If you are ready to start selling your products online please fill out this form to request a quote.

Email Marketing

Little investment for high returns.

Email based marketing has grown substantially over the last few years. It has great success while other forms of marketing have seen drastic declines in effectiveness while facing ever growing cost. For as little as $40 a month you can start sending your offers to your customers inboxes.

  • Detailed Reporting: With every campaign that you send you will be able to monitor your success in detail. How many people opened, how many bounced, who unsubscribed, who clicked through to your site and much more. You can see at a quick glance what is and isn't working.
  • ISP Agreements: What is the point of sending an email if it is going to be blocked by your customers ISP? I have taken the time to whitelist our servers with most ISP so your emails are sure to get to your clients inboxes.
  • Target Specific Customers: You have the ability to section your customer list based upon their interest, birthdate, or name. Really the options that you can use to segment your customers is endless and flexible to fit your needs.
  • Automated Email System: You have the ability to create a completely automated email system to keep your customers tuned into your brand. Schedule your delivery ahead for a large group or create targeted auto-responders to send to customers who purchased an item from your online store.
  • Member Management: Whenever you send a mass email you are required to have an unsubscribe link for your members. Managing who sends request to unsubscribe is time consuming and overwhelming. You also have to maintain what users email addresses were returned undeliverable so that you don't waste your money sending to people that are never going to receive your messages. I have automated the system for you you can run your email campaigns instead of letting them run you.

Website & Email Hosting

Custom tailored hosting plans for your needs.

I built your site and therefor have the best understanding of your site's server needs.

  • Ease: No longer do you need to worry about contacting someone for your website, and someone else for hosting or email issues. 1 email to me and I can take care of all of your problems, answer all of your questions, and get you underway quickly.
  • Geared for ExpressionEngine: Since I actively develop sites on ExpressionEngine I have been able to fine tune the server to provide the perfect balance between speed and reliability.
  • 10 Minute Guarantee: Most hosting companies offer some form of uptime guarantee that is around 99%. This is, for the most part, a gimmick to attract new customers. The problem with guarantees like this is that the mice type of their service agreements exempts them from responsibilities of upholding these guarantees. Not to mention that even with a 99% guarantee your site can still be offline for almost 7 1/2 hours in a single month. I prefer to take a different approach with my hosting customers. If your site is down for more 10 minutes in any given month your next month is on me. I stand behind this and have taken many steps to locate secure servers with proven track records of reliability.